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Medical Laser Safety Awareness plus Medical Laser Safety Officer Training

Purchasing a subscription for laser safety training has many advantages and saves money while giving you the convenience of getting training from your own computer. This subscription allows you to train all your employees and also your Medical Laser Safety Officer.

Benefits Include:

  • Unlimited access to Medical Laser Safety Awareness Online Training for 1-year from date of first log in.
  • One time access to Medical Laser Safety Officer Online Training for 7-days from date of first log in.
  • Laservision Academy will retain names and dates of all people trained. A list will be generated and provided at your request.
  • Course notes in PDF suitable for printing.
  • Resources, forms and documentation for the Medical Laser Safety Officer in PDF. These forms and documentation give guidance on writing laser policies, procedures and guidelines.
  • Access to our Certified Laser Safety Officers via email or dedicated 800 number for questions. Guaranteed response within 24 hours.
  • 25% discount on purchase of any other Laservision products and services for 1-year.
  • Printable certificate of completion for each attendee trained and the MLSO.
  • Complimentary subscription to Laservision's quarterly newsletter 'Laser Safety'.
  • Welcome packet including:
    • Leather portfolio
    • Welcome letter outlining benefits
    • User name and password for access training courses
    • Laservision products and services catalog
    • 25% discount code for purchasing other products and services
    • Flashstick with all course notes and LSO forms in PDF
    • Special 800 number and email address for CLSO questions

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Corporate MLSA-MLSO

Medical Laser Safety Awareness training with a one year subscription coupled with Medical Laser Safety Officer training valid for 7 days.


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